Posted on by Giuseppe Iampietro

Every product has its story but one of our favourites is that of our speciality chocolates from Liguria. They’re made in a tiny village in the mountains which is known for witch trials in the sixteenth century. The area was gripped by poverty and famine, and with the Spanish inquisition still present in nearby Genoa, the locals decided to blame witchcraft for the famine oppressing so many. Four girls and a boy were blamed for causing the famine through witchcraft and a series of trials followed.

The gruesome history is now part of the areas rich heritage which is celebrated in August during a witchcraft festival and, of course, Hallowe’en.The chocolates, named ‘witches kisses’ play to this tale and the hand-made rich milk chocolate and nut truffles must have a degree of magic to give such a spellbinding flavour.