Posted on by Giuseppe Iampietro

If a ‘triple, venti, no foam latte’ is your drink of choice in the UK, you’re going to need a rethink for Italy.
Latte, Frappuccino and mocha will be met with funny looks as these drinks are not Italian at all, they are introduced by the international chains looking to meet our caffeine needs.
In Italy, the coffee is simple, what is known here as ‘espresso’ is what you will receive if you order a coffee or ‘un caffè ’. This will come with a glass of water, which is to be enjoyed before the coffee as a palette cleanser. Locals will generally drink an espresso at the bar whilst standing and the price will be around 1euro. If you are seated the price may increase a little. The coffee will be short, dark and strong and you can add sugar to your preference. If you would like a little hot milk added this becomes a ‘macchiato’.
Or for a larger better known coffee, you may like a cappuccino, this is an espresso with steamed frothy milk added to the top, however you may receive an odd look ordering after around 11am, as Italians consider this a 'breakfast' rather than a coffee due to the heaviness of the milk, and would almost certainly never be consumed after a meal! Similar to this is the caffè latte, espresso with hot milk, normally served in a glass, no foam, but be aware; don’t ask for just a 'latte' unless all you want is a glass of cold milk! For those who enjoy a tipple in their coffee, you’ll also find a 'caffè corretto' which is a shot of espresso with a drop of liquor usually grappa or Sambuca.  
Whichever you go for, just know that you’ll soon be hooked.