Cannoli Siciliani

Made in Sheffield for South Yorkshire & North Derbyshire

The traditional Sicilian treat made right here in Sheffield


If you love cannoli, we can cater your event or occasion or supply to your business with large and/or small pastry tubes and in a range of different flavours, creating a bespoke order for you.   Minimum orders apply. Just fill in the form below with quantities and location of delivery and we will get back to you with a quote. 

Traditionally, cannoli are crisp, sweet crunchy tubes filled with a cream ricotta filling, often flavoured with cocoa, nuts, chocolate, or candied fruits and decorated at the ends. We can offer different cream  flavours, like chocolate and pistachio, with or without decoration. There are many options so please get in touch and we'd be happy to help!

You may be looking to send the cannoli as gifts; we can create bespoke gift boxes for that extra special presentation. Get in touch and we'd be happy to discuss what you need!


All cannoli are filled using fresh ingredients on the day of your event/delivery. The cannolo is to be enjoyed best on the day of preparation. We will deliver your ready filled cannoli at the latest possible time to when you and your guests will be ready to consume. We do this so your cannoli remain crisp and fresh for as long as possible. Cannoli won't usually keep crisp the next day, so we will work with you to understand your needs and prepare them at the best possible time. All cannoli will be delivered by us, we never use couriers to deliver this fresh product. We transport them in a temperature controlled environment and upon delivery it's imperative you refrigerate them immediately, so make room in your fridge! We also require a person present to accept delivery, we will never leave in a safeplace, so we will keep in touch with you and arrange the best possible time to ensure this. Depending on the size of your order, you will  receive your cannoli in trays or in a number of smaller boxes, depending on how you can refrigerate them. For larger events, such as weddings, we suggest you liaise with the venue regarding the use of external catering companies. We can be flexible to work around their, and your, requirements. 

Confetti for weddings and events

Confetti (not the paper kind!) are flavoured chocolate covered almonds. These are offered in a wide range of flavours from various fruits to nut, to coffee and chocolate and can even be in different colour coatings if you have a colour theme. 

The confetti are served in large bowls so guests can help themselves filling a cone with their favourite flavours. We can provide all of the glassware, serving utensils and the decorative cones.

(500g per flavour and a minimum order applies)

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