Gentilini Tricolore Biscuit Tin - 500g - Pasticcini

Gentilini Tricolore Biscuit Tin - 500g

Biscuit Tin


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Tricolore biscuit tin conating 2 x 250g biscuits packs. This is the perfect gift for those who love Italy and Italian sweet treats!

Product of Italy. Contains: 
1 x 250g bag of Brasil Biscuits -  Delicious cocoa shortbread  
1 x 250g bag of Margherite  - Citrus flavored Tea Biscuits

Celebrating Italy for Biscotti Gentilini means to renew an old tradition in the preparation of biscuits packed in new and impressive biscuits tin. It also means to hand down a strong link with our Country and that we are protagonists of a common story from 1890. The Tricolor biscuit tin has a deliberately patriotic character determined by the presence of the Italian flag that covers it entirely and that displays a symbol of unity and national identity.


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