Panettone Tiramisu, 100g

Frozen Dessert



Single portion panettone tiramisu; Panettone with mascarpone cream and zabaglione sauce. Exclusively available to Sheffield only. Delivery to your door! To see if you are in our radius click here

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Product of Italy. 100g.

Ingredients: Allergens shown in bold
Water –Panettone [Wheat flour –Raisins –Fresh eggs –Butter –Sugar –Candied orange peels (Orange peels –Glucose fructose–syrup –Sugar — Acid E 330) –Milk –Fresh egg yolk –Natural yeast (of wheat) –Emulsifiers E 471 –Glucose syrup –Flavours –Cocoa butter –Salt] –Sugar –Candied orange peels (Orange peels –Glucose fructose–syrup –Sugar –Acid E 330 –Preservative Sulphur dioxide) –Mascarpone cheese (5%) (Cream –Pasteurized milk –Acidity regulator E 270) –Egg yolk (4.5%) –Vegetable fats (Palm–kernel –Palm –Coconut) –Rehydrated skim milk –White wine –Chopped nougat (Glucose syrup –Sugar –Hazelnuts –Honey –Egg white –Flavours) –Almonds –Grains of dark chocolate and coffee [Sugar –Dark chocolate (Cocoa mass –Sugar –Cocoa butter — Natural vanilla flavour) –Coffee extract] –Pasteurized milk –Glucose–fructose syrup –Rehydrated soluble coffee –Modified starch –Edible gelatine –Marsala wine (0.5%) –Cocoa –Stabilisers E 420 and E 463 –Dextrose –Lactose –Milk proteins –Flavours –Emulsifiers E 322 (of soya) –E 472e e E 472b –Starch (of wheat) –Salt –Colour E 160a. Contain sulphur dioxide. May contain traces of other nuts.
Keep refrigerated. Shelf life: 1 to 2 days. Do not refreeze

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